How to Convert Cisco 7965G from SCCP to SIP Firmware Load

SIP Firmware Load on Cisco 7965G

First Step is to get the firmware from 3CX

Then follow these steps:

When SCCP is loaded:
    Complete the following steps:

    Unplug the power cable from the phone, hold dows the # key, and
    then plug the power cable in again.

    The phone begins its power up cycle.

    Release the # key after the Speaker button is no longer

    You should see the following message on the phone:

    "Reset key sequence detected"

    Press 123456789*0# within 60 seconds after the Headset, Mute,
    and Speaker buttons begin to flash.

    If you enter this key sequence correctly, the phone displays
    this prompt:

    Keep network cfg? 1 = yes 2 = no

    In order to maintain the current network configuration settings
    for the phone when the phone resets, press 1. In order to reset the
    network configuration settings when the phone resets, press 2.

After SIP is loaded:

Unlock the Config and Set the TFTP Server:

1) Press the Settings button on your 7960 phone
2) press 9 to unlock config, or scroll down to "Unlock Config"
3) Enter "cisco" on the keypad in alpha chars
4) Press Accept button after entering the pass
6) scroll Up to Network Configuration, press Select
7) Locate "Alternate TFTP" option, change to YES
8) Locate "32 Alternate TFTP" item, and then change NO to YES, press YES button, DONT press SAVE button
9) Scroll up to "7 TFTP Server" press EDIT, press "<--"
10) enter, press ACCEPT, then SAVE
11) Phone reboots and contacts your TFTP server

Secret Keystokes for Cisco 7965G

Lock and Unlock the Configuration:  **#   (press settings button on phone then enter this)
Reboot the phone:  **#**  ( press settings button first, then enter this )
Firmware Load:  #  (press & hold # during power up until speed dial lights flash, then enter 1234567890*# )

Sample Dialplan for USA

    <TEMPLATE MATCH="0"              Timeout="1" User="Phone"/> <!-- Local operator-->
    <TEMPLATE MATCH="011*"         Timeout="6" User="Phone"/> <!-- International calls-->
    <TEMPLATE MATCH="0"            Timeout="8" User="Phone"/> <!-- PSTN Operator-->
    <TEMPLATE MATCH="11"           Timeout="0" User="Phone" Route="Emergency" Rewrite="9911"/>
    <TEMPLATE MATCH="w!"             Timeout="1" User="PHONE" Route="Emergency" Rewrite="9911"/>
    <TEMPLATE MATCH=".11"          Timeout="0" User="Phone"/> <!-- Service numbers -->
    <TEMPLATE MATCH="1.........."    Timeout="0" User="Phone"/> <!-- Long Distance -->
    <TEMPLATE MATCH="......."        Timeout="0" User="Phone"/> <!-- Local numbers -->
    <TEMPLATE MATCH="2..."           Timeout="0" User="Phone"/> <!-- Corporate Dial plan-->
    <TEMPLATE MATCH="3..."           Timeout="0" User="Phone"/> <!-- Corporate Dial plan-->
    <TEMPLATE MATCH="*"              Timeout="15"/>             <!-- Anything else -->

dialplan reference:

Here are some resources that may help

The Sepmac

Patching Asterisk to Work on Cisco Phones

Firmware is Here

Download The SCCP and SIP Firmware


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