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Device Manager showing exclamation marks on all cpu i7 cores

After using Acronis to copy Windows 7 x 64 system disk image from an old Dell Core2Duo desktop to a custom modded Gateway/Acer desktop with Intel DQ57TM motherboard and 1st gen Intel Core i7 870 CPU, you see this message in the device manager: A driver (service) for this device has been disabled.  An alternate driver may be providing this functionality. (Code 32) Sure its an old Lynnfield Core i7, a first generation processor from 2009, but's still better than a Core2Duo, it's a poorman's upgrade. To resolve this problem you need to do: change device installation options to "Never install driver software from windows update" on each core of the CPU, then reboot. in  Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Devices and Printers click on the computer icon, and then right click, then "device installation options" Before following through the article (for method 2), I disabled automatic driver installation. To do this, I did the following: 1)  Opened Devi

Install SSL Certificate on Amazon Bitnami Wordpress Website

How to Get A Free SSL Certificate and How to Install It SSL Certificates Should Be Free For Everyone Let's Encrypt and SSL For Free are two of the most famous free SSL services out there, with your new Amazon EC2 Bitnami Wordpress virtual machine, you now need an SSL Certificate. Get your free certificate at , install it like a boss the hardway using the SSH command line.  In our knowledge base story regarding 31 Tips for Your First Business Website , our advice is to install an SSL Certificate immediately.  Amazon EC2 Bitnami Wordpress is another great way to get a free website, free of hosting charges. We have a list of free hosting options here . You must run it on the free tier. Breaking News for June 2020 SSL For Free is retired and now obsolete.  It has been bought out by comodo. You can only get 3 free certs now.  My recommendation is to use Certbot to automate your certificate renewals thru lets' encrypt. Here's a great how to guide for Amazon ECS

Microsoft Visio 2010 Premium Product Keys

Visio KMS client key from Microsoft You can use these with AutoKMS tool such as Office Toolkit 2.4.9 (office 2010/2013) which will re-arm them once every 180 days. So you are always in the grace period.  At the bottom of this page are keys for Visio 2019.  If you are here to figure out how to get a free copy of Visio activated on your computer, without paying Microsoft for it, then God or Allah will judge you later for your sins. Your soul will be sent to the underworld to be tormented by Satan for these sins. Please pay for your software! Visio Standard 2010 767HD-QGMWX-8QTDB-9G3R2-KHFGJ Visio Professional 2010 7MCW8-VRQVK-G677T-PDJCM-Q8TCP Visio Premium 2010 D9DWC-HPYVV-JGF4P-BTWQB-WX8BJ Keys from our Russian friends. you can only install with these keys, you cannot activate. ========================================================================= Visio Premium 2010: ========================================================================= C383V-HPHMC-Y6KWM-B

Move Mailboxes Failure in Exchange 2016 EAC

When you use Exchange Control Panel in Exchange 2016 to Move Mailboxes, they go straight to migration and then nothing happens. Here's how to move them like a boss by using the powershell command line. To start, open the Exchange 2016 Shell on the server console. If you are getting issue in moving mailbox by EAC. So you can also try the PowerShell commands Step 1: Get the Mailboxes Name:  i.e.  " John Johnson " or "Joe Jackson "  Use the PowerShell command to get the list of mailboxes exist in Exchange Server Database Get-Mailbox -Database My_MBDatabase -ResultSize Unlimited Step 2: Create Move Request To start the migration process of mailbox database to another database use PowerShell command New-MoveRequest -Identity "Joe Jackson" -TargetDatabase My_MBDatabase Step 3: Check the migration process User can also check the mailbox Migration process statistics by PowerShell command Get-MoveRequestStatistics -MoveRequestQueue

Download Offline / Full Installer for Google Chrome

Links to Download the Full Offline Installer of Google Chrome 64Bit and 32 bit Download Old Versions of Chrome We are offering two old versions of 64 bit Chrome that you can use with the above advice.   Chrome Version 58  and  Chrome Version 72 Enterprise . Download and Enjoy.

Protected .mdb access database password recovery

Oops I forgot my Access database password for the Nth time! Database passwords are so stupid and useless, because they are so easy to crack. Supposing that you need to get the password for your Shoretel Application Server for example NirSoft Access PassView can get it. Download it from here: Example Output Filename: M:\Share\Shoretel\STPSLicenseService1.0.7\ShoreTel Application License Service\Licenses.mdb The password is: fooBar$3663 Don't laugh, that's really the password, duh.

How Do I Setup An External Time Source For My Windows Domain Controller using w32tm?

Windows Time Sync Commands Net Stop W32Time W32tm /config /syncfromflags:manual /manualpeerlist:"" W32tm /config /reliable:yes Net Start W32Time W32tm /config /update w32tm /resync Strip Chart Test w32tm /stripchart /computer:"" /samples:5 /dataonly An Example C:\Users\Administrator>w32tm /stripchart /computer:"" /samples:5 /dataonly Tracking []. Collecting 5 samples. The current time is 11/18/2019 11:29:41 PM. 23:29:41, +00.2785488s 23:29:43, +00.2738542s 23:29:45, +00.2741342s 23:29:47, +00.2751842s 23:29:49, +00.2732097s Useful Links Or you could use: or or or

Apple PlainTalk Microphone Adapter

Apple PlainTalk Microphone Adapter by  JM Talbert2  / November 12, 2009 4:00 AM PST The PlainTalk Microphone has an elongated mini TRS plug and an enclosed Mono Mic Preamp. Tip (White) is the power supply for the enclosed preamp. 5v to 9v seems to work. Ring (Black) is the line-level output from the preamp. Sleeve (Shield) is Ground Use a 9 volt battery, a Stereo 1/4" Jack for the line out, and an enclosure. Cut off and toss the elongated mini TRS. Make the following Connections: 1. Black from the PlainTalk to 1/4" Tip. 2. White from the PlainTalk to + side of 9volt battery 3. Shield Ground Wire from the PlainTalk to 1/4" Sleeve. 4. Negative side of 9 volt battery to 1/4" Ring. When a Mono Phone plug is inserted into the 1/4" Jack the Ring will connect to the Sleeve completing the circuit with the battery.

Mercedes Benz Diesel CDI EGR Emulator Circuit Diagrams

Mercedes EGR Emulator Circuits for Electric Wahler EGR on Diesel Engine For any car fitted with a MAF you can't just block the  EGR valve  as the MAF detects the reduced airflow when the valve operates. If it fails to report this reduction the ECU throws a code, turns on the MIL light and engages Limp Home mode. The  EGR valve  is operated in varying degrees whenever the engine is in cruise mode. A circuit has to be designed that reduces the MAF output voltage whenever the  EGR valve  is called to actuate. Having seen a mod on another forum I decided to give it a go and installed it last night. The circuit is really simple. The  EGR valve  transducer is fed with constant 12v which is proportionately shunted to Gnd to create the potential to activate the transducer, to engage the EGR solenoid and allow hot gasses into the intage via the  EGR valve  in varying degrees. The MAF is in the cold air intake. the EGR gasses enter further downstream. the MAF then monitors the red

How to Populate the Outlook 2010 Auto-Complete List

How to Populate the Outlook 2010 Auto-Complete List Outlook won't populate the auto-complete cache automatically but it’s a fairly simple task for users. Open a new message and click the To button, select all of the names in the Suggested Contacts folder and add them to the message. Repeat for your Contacts folder. Close the message without sending. This method works in all versions of Outlook that use autocomplete. Note that there is a limit to the number of names you can have on the autocomplete list. In Outlook 2003, it's 1000. In Outlook 2007 and 2010 it's 2000. In all versions, it's an MRU - most recently used - list, so frequently used addresses will always be on the list. for more Outlook Tricks:

Cisco 3560 switch Password Reset and Recovery Procedure

Cisco 3560 switch Password Reset and Recovery Procedure 3560 password recovery enabled procedures Before you start you will need a Cisco console cable, which has a DB9 and RJ45 on the other end, plug in the RJ45 to the Console port on your cisco, then plug in the DB9 to a USB-serial converter such as the TripLite USA-19HS , use Putty to connect to serial, usually the speed is 9600 or 19200 baud, N,8,1 Pull the power cord.  Now plug it back in, then Push the green button in front, while plugging in power, then hold it down while Cisco starts up, You will see a message on your console window indicating that you are in password recovery mode. Let go of the button. type this for password recovery. switch: flash_init switch: load_helper switch: rename flash:config.text flash:config.old switch: boot after the switch boots and you are at the enable prompt, type this: switch# rename flash:config.old flash:config.text Switch# copy flash:config.text system:r