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CSS Grid Layout in Stupid Internet Explorer 11 using -ms styles

How To Get Your Web Pages to Display CSS Grids in IE and Chrome All of us web developers know that IE 10 and 11 cannot display grid layouts like FireFox and Chrome.  In fact we know that Microsoft is lagging behind on their support of standards in their IE browser. Thanks Steve and Bill!   However some of us are discovering that Edge can display them kind of correctly now.  Unfortunately, Edge is as stupid as IE.   If you developed fantastic looking grid layout pages for Chrome and do not want to revert back to old fashioned table layouts, I have the ultimate solution for you. It's called vendor extensions. First thing to do is to drop some of your CSS into the autoprefixer to allow it to add new MS vendor extensions. Then you add your new CSS into your sheets. If you had this CSS and it worked in Chrome, you will then add -ms-grid and -ms-grid-columns. Plus you will also add .ms-grid-row and -ms-grid-column to each row/column cell. .grid-container { display : grid; g

Use Postfix to Relay Mail Thru Godaddy SMTP Servers

How to Install and Configure Postfix to Relay Thru Godaddy SMTP postfix logo If you have an Asterisk server on Amazon ECS, you need a means to send voicemails out to email. Use postfix with a godaddy smtp server and your godaddy email credentials. First you need to install ubuntu on an amazon ecs virtual machine. Start by setting up their free tier ubuntu 18 LTS server.  Then you need to use apt-get to install postfix and mailutils. To install the required items: apt install postfix apt install mailutils apt install cyrus-sasl-plain Finally install some configuration files. First file to work on is /etc/postfix/ suppose your server is called and your domain is called   Do not change the default hostname that amazon ecs gives you.  While installing postfix, the initial dialog will ask you what kind of site to setup. Choose "internet site" you will only be using this service to send and relay outbound e

Asterisk Newbee Guide and Cookbook

Finally A Guide Full of Quicklinks for New Asterisk Users As a newbie to Asterisk, if you don't have one of the new web interfaces such as FreePbx, and are just going to edit the config files. Then here are some things you should know.  First thing is to know that the configuration directory is /etc/asterisk and the files are extensions.conf and other .conf files. Dial Rules to Record Prompts Voicemail to Email Guide CA Bundles My Dialplan Cookbook The first thing to know about Asterisk is the dialplan.  You can find this in /etc/extensions.conf.   Here you define your Direct Inbound Dial (DID) and system extensions.  Here are some of my cookbook examples.  To hear them, call this number +19495410155 and +19495410169 and speak with Lenny. The

Windows Internal Database Service: Will Not Start and Fails with Error Code 1297

Windows Internal Database Fails to Start or Fails to Install from Server Manager Greetings, y'all.  Recently, I started building a WSUS server on Windows Server 2012 R2. While trying to install Windows Internal Database from the Server Manager , it fails to install, yet leaves the services.msc control panel with a non-starting service called " Windows Internal Database ." It refuses to start, that's why the installer refuses to finish.  I was using "Add Roles and Features" to add this service.  Curiously enough, after a reboot, the service will be removed. But, If you try to start the service before the reboot, you will see this message dialog. Service Fails to Start How to Fix It In your group policy for your AD domain, make sure that "NT SERVICE\ALL SERVICES" and "everyone" is granted rights for.  Adding "Everyone" is foolish and dangerous thing to do.  Just to be safe, add a separate group policy object just for t

Ellie Mae Encompass: Encompass Has Stopped Working, while trying to print custom forms

Encompass Crashes and Quits While Trying to Print Custom Forms Article Number:  31474 Created On:  Sep 08, 2017 Updated On:  Jun 04, 2019 Details: When attempting to print documents in Encompass the program freezes and the following error is encountered: Encompass Has Stopped Working! Article Details: This error is a commonly related to the current version of Adobe on the machine. Encompass requires a version(s) of  Adobe Acrobat Reader  to be installed for PDF document processing. The Encompass software does not support  Adobe Acrobat  (the paid premium version). Both Adobe Acrobat (paid premium edition) and Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (free version) can exist on the same machine, but Adobe Acrobat Reader DC must be the default program for all PDF documents. How to Fix Check that a version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is installed on the machine: - Windows Start menu -> Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs and Features If a version of Adobe Acrobat