WMIC : Invalid Global Switch - The How and Why Cookbook

 WMIC says "Invalid Global Switch" Why does it say that when you use the /NODE switch?  It's because WMIC really wants the full IP address of the remote computer, not the name. Here's an example of it: This is the right way to do it, to prevent "Invalid Global Switch" The WMIC Cookbook In these examples, we will write all output to a file called a.out. First one will be written, others will be appended. # --------- CUT HERE ----------------------- # A powershell script by Uncle Joe # To append to the file, use /APPEND instead of /OUTPUT $username="talladega\lets_go_brandon" $password="Nascar22" # Get Computer Name wmic /NODE: /OUTPUT:a.out /USER:${username} /PASSWORD:${password} computersystem get model,manufacturer,name,username # Disk Check wmic /NODE: /APPEND:a.out  /USER:${username} /PASSWORD:${password}   logicaldisk list full # CPU Check: wmic /NODE: /APPEND:a.out  /USER:${username} /PASSWORD

Lot of this message: No suitable default server credential exists on this system

How to fix this "No suitable default server credential exists on this system" The Fix The fix was done by Dell Server support using Powershell command  New-SelfSignedCertificate -CertStoreLocation Cert:\LocalMachine\My -DnsName "ims.local" -FriendlyName "MySiteCertIMS" -NotAfter (Get-Date).AddYears(10) Then finding the newly created certificate using MMC under Console Root, Certificates (Local Computer), personal, certificates and copying to Trusted Root Certification Authorities, Certificates.

How to raise your website DA and create lots of free backlinks

How to Raise Your Website DA Score First you ask, what is DA? DA is the so called domain authority score that gives to most websites as they age and gain followers and web traffic.  DA is used by almost all SEO experts and SEO sales people to justify their existance.  In some way, DA is used by google to sort search engine results (SER), even though they won't admit it, DA is used to elevate some sites to the top of the search results.  In google analytics GA-4, the tag manager, will track referrals and engagement time. The referrals source is the backlink.  The link title is used to build up keywords as well.  The A HREF tag on external websites that contain your backlinks has a title The words between the A are what get's used to build your keywords over time.  Having one backlink does not help. The external websites that contain your backlinks must have a high DA rating as well to really count.  The SEO salesmen and other grifters often say this:  "Hire an Exper

Pairing Logitech K270 Keyboard With New Reciever

 How to Pair A Logitech K270 Keyboard Connect a non-unifying reciever to your computer and pair it with a K270 keyboard.  The reciever is all black, with no red stars on it.  It is stamped "logi" on the black plastic part, and has C-U0010 on the metal parts. What you will need: ConnectUtility from Logitech Logi Reciever with M/N C-U0010 FCC ID:  JNZCU0010 Also marked CNC ID C-11077  This is a so called non-unifying reciever Logitech K270 Keyboard Windows 10  Logitech M185 Mouse is compatible Logitech M310 Mouse is not compatible. You need a Unifying reciever C-U0007 Connect the Logi Reciever to your USB port, start up the connect utility, then follow the prompts.

Shady SEO Tricks that Unscrupulous Marketing Companies Use to Boost DA

The URL Redirect Trick This shady SEO trick will fool MOZ into recording some very high DA backlinks to your website. Only Moz is fooled, but your website's DA will increase.  Shady SEO hucksters will show you this metric and convince you that they have actually done you a great service.  DA does not help organic rankings. Google and Bing do not care about DA. DA is purely a Moz invention. What is DA ? For the website owner or small business owner who wants to promote his or her online presence, the comcept of DA is akin to how much credibility the website has in relation to its peers.  DA means domain authoritiy. DA is a great measure that grows with each high DA backlink that points back.  Some unscrupulous marketers have figured out how to plant your backlink in other high DA websites. The list below is an example. By clicking on each link, you will land on a website that shows on a high DA website. The reality is that only Moz will show a gain.  Google does

How Can I Turn Off Security Defaults in Microsoft Office 365?

 Security Defaults in Microsoft 365 Are Stupid Everyone hates them. Can we just get back to using passwords again? Here's how we turn them off. The settings are very well hidden, in 2023, they are buried deep inside Azure.  For your office 365 email tenant, you need to find the Microsoft Azure portal for your domain. Use this link: By doing this, you are living dangerously. You have been warned.

How to Setup Shoretel Mobility Router 4000 With Mitel Connect Director On Premise Server

 Shoretel Mobility Router 4000 Configuration Hints and Tips So you just bought a Shoretel Mobility Router 4000 from Ebay or from a scrapper, and found that it is operational and was pulled from a working environment. That's perfect. Now you just need to reset the passwords and get the existing license keys from the database.  The first step is to power it on and confirm that it is working correctly.  Connect a VGA cable to the rear VGA port, and a USB keyboard to the USB port.  Start it up and look for the login screen to appear.  If it is untouched then you will not be able to login with the default admin/changeme passwords.  You will then need to reset the password, using some back door methods that I will explain in detail.  The SMR runs x86-64 linux. Reset The Admin Password The first step is to connect a bootable Ubuntu USB volume to the USB port, then reboot it, press F12 to get to the boot menu, start it up with ubuntu.  In a nut shell, you will then login to ubuntu, mount t

How to Use AI to Make Funny Videos for TikTok or YouTube

How to Use AI to Make Funny Videos for TikTok or YouTube How can you use text to describe a video clip that you would like to see? There are many services out there that can use AI to convert textual descriptions of scenes into short 4 second video clips. The results are mostly quirky and funny. RunWay ML is the best example. Their Gen 2 service is the best.  Hugging face is a close second. Their video clips are crude by RUnWay ML standards RunWay ML With Text to Video Gen 2 can take a text scene description and turn it into a 4 second video clip. There is a free trial available.  Other features include text to image.  Describe the scene and the characters and it will render the scene. A great way to make stock photography without the need to hire real models or pay royalties for them. Example: 4 middle aged men in a courtroom Hugging Face Short 2 or 4 second video clips, Text to Video all for free. Similar to the above,

Changing the Wordpress Avada Theme Copyright Line to Brand Your Website

How to Change the Wordpress Avada Theme Copyright Line Are you a website developer and are using an Avada theme in Wordpress?  Welcome to the club. Lots of us are asking how to rebrand the site with your own company name and remove the Avada copyright legend. If you are a professional web developer you may want to tag your company at the bottom with a "Website Design By" tag. This will get you one more backlink too. Brand your website or add a link on your website, to remove the Wordpress and Avada branding. Add your own link and name. Here's a handy how to guide to do it. First Step is to Click on the Avada menu on the left, then find the Layouts button.  Choose Layouts, not Layout.  These are different menus. First Step: Layouts Second Step:  Find the Avada Layout Builders page; Find the Global Layout, then the Global Footer Then Find the 2nd Container Find the Avada Menu, then find the global Footer menu Then find the Date item in the lower section. Edit the Date, you

Exchange 2016 Transport Service Will Not Start and FIP-FS Scan Engine has Failed

 Exchange 2016 Transport Service Will Not Start The Trifecta of Exchange Woes You see events indicating that the self signed exchange certificate is missing.  No Mail is being delivered, SMTP is failed, message queue is backing up from your front end mail filter service, i.e. proofpoint or vipre service. and you see events showing that FIPS is not starting and certificates are not accepted Certificate Issue. See Step 2 FIP-FS scan engine issue. See Step 1 Best thing to do is to turn it off completely.  EventID 5300 has been the bane of our existence. Steps: 1. Disable Scan Engine in Powershellx64 Change the execution policy for PowerShell: Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned. Download the script: Use elevated Exchange Management Shell, run on every server. 2. In IIS look for "Exchange Back End", then SSL Settings, then Bindings, then make sure a valid certificate is assigned. 3. Finally, Start the "Microsoft Exchange T

OpenSSL CSR Cookbook

The Most Common Usage Making a CSR for and using the openssl command on ubuntu or any other kind of linux. openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -out mycert.csr -keyout myprivate.key -subj "/C=US/ST=CA/L=Irvine/O=Ballers Bank of Amerika/OU=IT Dept/" A CSR With Multiple SAN first thing to do is to make a file called san.cnf with the following, for example [ req ] default_bits       = 2048 distinguished_name = req_distinguished_name req_extensions     = req_ext [ req_distinguished_name ] countryName                = US stateOrProvinceName        = CA localityName               = Irvine organizationName           = Ballers Bank of Amerika commonName                 = [ req_ext ] subjectAltName = @alt_names [alt_names] DNS.1   = DNS.2   = DNS.3   = DNS.4   = then run this command: openssl req -out ss

All of the Best Exchange Server Fixes, including FIPFS service

 When you start seeing "Microsoft Exchange Server Auth Certificate" expirations Sometimes you see this message when you use OWA or ECP. OWA Login Error "Something went wrong We can't get that information right now. Please try again later. X-FEServer: <server>" The above blog will resolve it. Powershell: Change the Current Configuation Domain Controllers This command below will show the current configuration Get-ExchangeServer -Identity "exmail" -status | fl the commands below will change the configuration Set-ExchangeServer -Identity "exmail" -StaticDomainControllers "" Set-ExchangeServer -Identity "exmail" -StaticGlobalCatalogs "" Set-ExchangeServer -Identity "exmail" -StaticCon