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Install SSL Certificate on Amazon Bitnami Wordpress Website

How to Get A Free SSL Certificate and How to Install It SSL Certificates Should Be Free For Everyone Let's Encrypt and SSL For Free are two of the most famous free SSL services out there, with your new Amazon EC2 Bitnami Wordpress virtual machine, you now need an SSL Certificate. Get your free certificate at , install it like a boss the hardway using the SSH command line.  In our knowledge base story regarding 31 Tips for Your First Business Website , our advice is to install an SSL Certificate immediately.  Amazon EC2 Bitnami Wordpress is another great way to get a free website, free of hosting charges. We have a list of free hosting options here . You must run it on the free tier. Breaking News for June 2020 SSL For Free is retired and now obsolete.  It has been bought out by comodo. You can only get 3 free certs now.  My recommendation is to use Certbot to automate your certificate renewals thru lets' encrypt. Here's a great how to guide for Amazon ECS

Microsoft Visio 2010 Premium Product Keys

Visio KMS client key from Microsoft You can use these with AutoKMS tool such as Office Toolkit 2.4.9 (office 2010/2013) which will re-arm them once every 180 days. So you are always in the grace period.  At the bottom of this page are keys for Visio 2019.  If you are here to figure out how to get a free copy of Visio activated on your computer, without paying Microsoft for it, then God or Allah will judge you later for your sins. Your soul will be sent to the underworld to be tormented by Satan for these sins. Please pay for your software! Visio Standard 2010 767HD-QGMWX-8QTDB-9G3R2-KHFGJ Visio Professional 2010 7MCW8-VRQVK-G677T-PDJCM-Q8TCP Visio Premium 2010 D9DWC-HPYVV-JGF4P-BTWQB-WX8BJ Keys from our Russian friends. you can only install with these keys, you cannot activate. ========================================================================= Visio Premium 2010: ========================================================================= C383V-HPHMC-Y6KWM-B

Move Mailboxes Failure in Exchange 2016 EAC

When you use Exchange Control Panel in Exchange 2016 to Move Mailboxes, they go straight to migration and then nothing happens. Here's how to move them like a boss by using the powershell command line. To start, open the Exchange 2016 Shell on the server console. If you are getting issue in moving mailbox by EAC. So you can also try the PowerShell commands Step 1: Get the Mailboxes Name:  i.e.  " John Johnson " or "Joe Jackson "  Use the PowerShell command to get the list of mailboxes exist in Exchange Server Database Get-Mailbox -Database My_MBDatabase -ResultSize Unlimited Step 2: Create Move Request To start the migration process of mailbox database to another database use PowerShell command New-MoveRequest -Identity "Joe Jackson" -TargetDatabase My_MBDatabase Step 3: Check the migration process User can also check the mailbox Migration process statistics by PowerShell command Get-MoveRequestStatistics -MoveRequestQueue

Download Offline / Full Installer for Google Chrome

Links to Download the Full Offline Installer of Google Chrome 64Bit and 32 bit Download Old Versions of Chrome We are offering two old versions of 64 bit Chrome that you can use with the above advice.   Chrome Version 58  and  Chrome Version 72 Enterprise . Download and Enjoy.