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Changing the Wordpress Avada Theme Copyright Line to Brand Your Website

How to Change the Wordpress Avada Theme Copyright Line Brand your website or add a link on your website, to remove the Wordpress and Avada branding. Add your own link and name. Here's a handy how to guide to do it First Step: Find the Avada Layout Builders page; Find the Global Layout, then the Global Footer Then Find the 2nd Container Find the Avada Menu, then find the global Footer menu Then find the Date item in the lower section. Edit the Date, you will find the copyright info. Edit and Save it. Another place to find the copyright is in the global options Then the Global Options Then search for copyright in the search box Copy the contents into a notepad and edit, then copy back in Many Thanks This tech solution was brought to you by the top Wordpress masters in Orange County, California.  Bare Wire Networks Corp is home to the best Wordpress developers , and is well known for the top tech support talent.