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How to Import Call History from Shoretel 14.2 to Mitel Connect Build 22.13

Importing Call History During A Shoretel to Mitel Upgrade First a little background.  On Shoretel and Mitel systems store the call history for each extension in a SQL Lite database that is stored outside the main CDR and Config databases. The Shoretel Communicator application reads this file directly to get the history.   What you will need to do this task:  sqlite3.exe and sqlite3.dll from the new mitel server, you can get this from anywhere really.  Plus you will need the mysql command line tool on both servers. Open a dos prompt to perform all  of these tasks.   Open a cmd.exe prompt, make a directory called \Temp to do all of your work. First Step is to find the UserData folder: usually is located here on both Mitel and Shoretel:  C:\Shoreline Data\UserData\<hash code>\ in mysql command line, using the Shoreware database, look for the user's DN to get the hash code folder name.  If you need help using the mysql command line, see my other shoretel related postings for the