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Connecting to the APC 3000XL and AP9617 Using Serial Cable and RS232 Port

How to Configure Your APC 3000XL and AP9617 Using RS232 Port First you need a APC 940-0024C or APC 940-0024B Serial Cable, then you need to get a Keyspan USB to Serial adapter dongle, then you connect to the serial cable to the DB9 connector on the back of the UPS. Use Putty and Serial at 2400 baud,8n1, xon/xoff Then you can logon using the default username and password of apc and apc. If you need to reset the passwords, press the reset button on the AP9617 unit. See the pictorial below The About System Page Change Network Settings

You Entered the Wrong Client ID into Encompass and Now It Just Blows Up! - [How to Fix It]

How to Fix A Broken Encompass Smart Client - 404 Not Found The AppLauncher fails and shows this message:  "Unhandled exception thrown while downloading manifests: the remove server returned an error (404) Not Found."   Well, son, it got that way because you entered the wrong client ID.  Call Forest Lawn, because it's dead, and now you need to bury it. AppLauncher Failure Due to Incorrect Client ID How Does This Happen? While you were installing the Ellie Mae Encompass Smart Client, you entered the wrong client ID, and then it tried to download the configuration from elliemae. Client ID's always start with BE for "Broker Edition" or "Banker Edition".  If you entered the incorrect ID, without the BE prefix, the whole download and configuration process will be completely and permanently screwed up.  It will just blow up and burn with a 404 error. Stick a flower in it, because it's dead. How Can I Fix This? You need to remove all Ellie

How to Copy Photos to Your IPAD or IPHONE Camera Roll

Copy Photos to Your Camera Roll You cannot do this with itunes or icloud. You cannot just connect a USB cable and stuff them in there. But there is way with 3rd party software from EaseUS. Install their free application called MobiMover_Free. Then you do it.

How to Set the Ellie Mae Encompass AdobeAPI Registry Value

Details: What the value does: Encompass This registry value determines how Encompass hands printing off to Adobe Reader. When set to 1, Encompass uses Adobe's published APIs to send print requests to Adobe Reader. When set to 0, Encompass uses manual methods of sending print requests. Before you begin, make sure you have Adobe DC Reader installed.  The paid and premium versions of Adobe Acrobat DC and Pro are not needed for printing. You must have the free version of Adobe Reader. How to Edit the Windows Registry Value 1. From the Start menu, type "regedit" and open the regedit.exe program. 2. In the registry editor, navigate to one of the following key depending on the bit-ness of your OS: a. For 64-bit OSes, navigate to:   HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Ellie Mae\Encompass b. For 32-bit OSes, navigate to:   HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ellie Mae\Encompass 1. Right-click on the Encompass key, select New->String Value. 2. Name the String Va

Convert Sticky Notes to WordPad

How to Convert Your Sticky Notes to WordPad First thing to do is to find your Sticky Notes in %appdata%\Microsoft\Stick Notes\ you will see a file called " Sticky Notes.snt " It will be quite small. The file is a 7-zip file. Then download and install 7-Zip from Then you should execute the 7-zip application, and enter the file path to sticky notes into the app, Just like the picture below. Then you select the StickyNotes.snt file and press the Extract button. The following images are a quick tutorial on how to convert your sticky notes. It appears that taggerz have defaced my screenshots. Open 7-zip in the folder where sticky notes file is kept Now you can close the 7-zip app, and then navigate to the resulting folders, rename each 0 file to 0.rtf because they are just Rich Text. After extraction, you will see lots of folders Each folder contains 3 files Rename 0 to o.rtf. 0 contains the contents, 3 contains

Change the Windows 10 OEM branding

How to Change the Windows 10 OEM Branding When you have installed a nicked Windows 10 from , change the branding so your friends don't think you have a bootleg copy.  Open the Windows Regedit.exe program, and navigate to this key to change the important items. The Key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\OEMInformation You MAY find this in your grey market windows 10