Configure Shoretel Voicemail Notifications to your email inbox using a free SMTP relay

Configure Your Shoretel Voicemail Server to Send Voicemails As Wave Files to your inbox

How Can SocketLabs Help You Setup a Free SMTP Relay

Socketlabs is a free and paid service that can allow you to send 2000 free SMTP message relays every month from your verified domain. But first you need a real domain with it's own email accounts and a professional looking website on top of that, plus you need to look like a legitimate business with contact numbers and email addresses. It is not for spammers, hackers, phreakers, or junk mail junkies. Once you are ready, you create a free account at then allow the admins to verify your email and your web presence.  Once that's done, you get your credentials for their free SMTP relay that you can use in your IIS SMTP gateway to send free emails from your voicemail appliances, and your other IOT things that need to send email out, but cannot authenticate.  Many devices cannot authenticate to SMTP servers such as Shoretel voicemail servers, all in one printers, fax machines. They only know how to send simple SMTP to port 25.  SocketLabs and your own IIS server can be the intermediate gateway for these devices.  Fore more information, you may contact Eleven Dimension Technologies or see our website at: On this blog entry, we will show you how to setup an intermediate SMTP gateway that can work as an open relay, that will then forward the email messages to another SMTP gateway that can then forward your mail out to the real world into people's inboxes.

About Eleven Dimensions Technologies

Eleven Dimensions Technologies is a Shoretel dealer, installer and servicer in Southern California.  We sell pre-owned/grey-market parts and software from systems that have been pulled out of service, we also sell pre-owned licences at a discount, we can sell system licences with a matching ethernet card as well as component licenses such as softphone and workgroup supervisor or any other kind of license.  We have retired and obsoleted many systems over the years and replaced with them with cloud hosted voip systems or have bought out shoretel systems from closed out businesses.  We will also help you with system tuning such as voicemail to email, or you can read the instructions below.  Furthermore, we have developed a custom reporting application that will blow the socks off anything that Shoretel or its partners have built.  Don't waste your money on new equipment, when you can get perfectly good refurbished equipment, software and licences at a fraction of the price. We offer a great 3 year warranty on all used/refurbished products. See our great story on shoretel history.  Our hourly rates and MSP rates are the lowest in the USA!  Hourly break/fix rates are from $95/hour to $125/hour depending upon complexity and urgency.  Quit googling around for solutions to your on-premise Shoretel problems and call us at (949)371-5079.

Shoretel Director

The Shoretel phone system, all verisons and the new Mitel versions include functionality to send voicemails as .WAV files to your email inbox to any email domain.  Unfortunately, the voicemail sender is very stupid and cannot authenticate or use SSL to send email. Therefore you need to relay the email to another server that does support these things.  To do this you need to configure your shoretel server and your IIS6.0 SMTP server.  This is the most basic of CTI tasks that you can do.   My example was done on Windows Server 2008 R2, I have also tried this on Windows Server 2012 R2. It works the same.

Here are a few steps to take to make it happen.

Install IIS6 and the TELNET client on your shoretel director server.
Logon to Shoretel Director and Click on "Voice Mail" in the left column menu, enter a From Address for Email Notifications.
Enter the email address associated with your socketlabs account

Now Visit the Sites menu, and set the SMTP Relay Address, It should be the IP Address of your Shoretel Director server with the IIS6 server.

Finally, for each mailbox, be sure to visit the "Escalation Profiles and Other Mailbox Options" menu in each profile at the bottom of the page,

IIS Configuration

Finally, you need to configure your IIS6 server (same goes for IIS7) to send email. You will need to register for a SocketLabs email sender account at You can get a free account for 2000 SMTP relays. First you'd better have a working domain with an email account to recieve verification emails and a working website, not just some placeholder. You need a working website that make you look legitimate. Once you register, visit the SMTP credentials and set them up. Get them and save them. You can only send emails from your own domain name.
Configure as follows:
Click on "SMTP Virtual Server #1" and bring up the properties page
Domains only include SHORETEL (your computer name)
Properties Page
In each tab, configure as follows: Access Tab: Relay Button, grant the entire subnet permssion.Authentification: "Anonymous Access" only checked. Messages Tab: No Change, Delivery Tab: Configure Outbound Security: Basic Authentifiction, and TLS Encryption. drop in your username and password from the SMTP page of socketlabs, Outbound Connections: set the TCP Port to 25. Advanced Delivery page,
The Advanced Button

Outbound Security
Outbound Security - using your socketlaps SMTP username and password here
Security Tab

Test Out Your New SMTP Relay

Finally restart the IIS SMTP service. Then test it out by using the Windows Telnet Client on the MSDOS command line. Use this command: telnet IPAddress 25, then paste in this test script: (if your domain on socketlabs was

mail from:
rcpt to:
rcpt to:
subject: Hello This is a Test, thanks! 
hey ya did you get it?



This script will trigger an email to be sent out thru your IIS6 SMTP virtual server via socket labs. You must have registered as your domain on socketlabs.

You should check these directories on your server:

If you see anything there, then you have done it wrong.

Your SMTP log files are in this directory:

A normal transaction with socketlabs looks like this:

There are Other Free SMTP Services Out There

Here's list of more.

What Does it Take to Install Shoretel
Structured cabling is the foundation of of Shoretel and Mitel. Call Our partner, So Cal Cable Networks for a quote.

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