Shoretel IP Phone Mute Codes

Shoretel Mute Codes

Below are a list of the "Mute" Codes for Shoretel IP Phones.  These codes will perform some common Shoretel tasks without physically power cycling the phone.  On IP210 and IP230 phones, press the mute button, then enter the code, then press the # key. On the IP655 and newer phones, press the * key, then code, then # key.

Note: If you have a G series shoretel phone such as a IP655 or IP480G and you see the message "no ethernet" on your screen, it usually means that you have connected the phone to a 10/100 network, and these phones do not work on 10/100 networks, only gigabit ethernet will do.

To Clear Cached Values<Mute> + CLEAR (25327) #
To Reset A Phone
<Mute> + RESET (73728) #  RESET may also be 73738
To Enter Setup
<Mute> + SETUP (73887) #
View Current Configuration Settings
<Mute> + INFO (4636) #
Ping From Phone
<Mute> + PING (7464) #
Factory Reset A Phone
<Mute> + RRAMOS (772667) #       *this will prompt you to enter 1234 as the password before reset.
Diag Phone
Press the Mute key followed by DIAG (3424) # 

About Eleven Dimensions Technologies

Eleven Dimensions Technologies is a Shoretel dealer, installer and servicer in Southern California.  We sell pre-owned/grey-market parts and software from systems that have been pulled out of service, we also sell pre-owned licences at a discount, we can sell system licences with a matching ethernet card as well as component licenses such as softphone and workgroup supervisor or any other kind of license.  We have retired and obsoleted many systems over the years and replaced with them with cloud hosted voip systems or have bought out shoretel systems from closed out businesses.  We will also help you with system tuning such as voicemail to email, or you can read the instructions below.   Have you ever been locked out of your Shoretel Director? See our hack. Furthermore, we have developed a custom reporting application that will blow the socks off anything that Shoretel or its partners have built.  Don't waste your money on new equipment, when you can get perfectly good refurbished equipment, software and licences at a fraction of the price. See our great story on shoretel history.   We are starting a CTI reviews blog too. Check it out.


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