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Free Antivirus Software

 Free Antivirus Software for the Masses What to Do, if You Have a UCLA managed Sophos Uninstall your current version of Sophos using the following instructions: MacOS Windows We recommend replacing Sophos on your personal device with any number of freely available antivirus products on the market, including: Sophos Home Edition AVG Avast Bitdefender Built-in Windows Defender

Installing Shoretel Server TDIMedia.sys on Virtual Windows 2016 - Some Tips from A Pro

Some Tips from A Shoretel Pro on Installing  From the trenches, what I found is that Shoretel/Mitel TDIMedia.sys is not signed, and windows will refuse to install it.  Shoretel has never bothered to sign the driver in all the years that this driver has been present in Shoretel.  This only applies to Windows Server 2012, 2016 and 2019.  If you use Windows Server 2008 R2, this does not apply. Disable Secure Boot in VMWare See this: Procedure Browse to the virtual machine in the  vSphere Client  inventory. Right-click the virtual machine and select  Edit Settings . Click the  VM Options  tab, and expand  Boot Options . Under  Boot Options , ensure that firmware is set to  EFI . Select your task. Select the  Secure Boot  check box to enable secure boot. Deselect the  Secure Boot  check box to disable secure boot. Click  OK . Disable Driver Signing Requirement so you