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Ellie Mae Encompass and Office 2013, 2016 and 365 - Custom Forms Not Printing

Suddenly, You Cannot Print Custom Forms from Ellie Mae Encompass This often happens with Microsoft Office 2013 and sometimes Office 2016 or 365 Solution #1:  1. Open up a new document in Microsoft Word and choose "Mailings" tab at the top of the new document. 2. Then, go to Start Mail Merge and select "Normal Word Document". 3. Close Encompass and Microsoft Word, then log back into Encompass an print a Custom Form. Solution #2  1. Open up Microsoft Word and navigate to File then Options. 2. On the General tab, disable (uncheck) the "Open e-mail attachments and other uneditable files in reading view." Solution #3  1. When attempting to print a custom doc in Encompass, change the Options drop down box, located at the bottom right of the Encompass Print window, to "Print forms with field IDs". 2. Next, click the Preview button at the bottom of the Encompass Print window. 3. Once Microsoft Word opens up, change the view from Re

Use the Exchange Management Shell to search the message tracking logs

Track Messages in Exchange 2016 Get-MessageTrackingLog [-Server <ServerIdentity>] [-ResultSize <Integer> | Unlimited] [-Start <DateTime>] [-End <DateTime>] [-EventId <EventId>] [-InternalMessageId <InternalMessageId>] [-MessageId <MessageId>] [-MessageSubject <Subject>] [-Recipients <RecipientAddress1,RecipientAddress2...>] [-Reference <Reference>] [-Sender <SenderAddress>] Get-MessageTrackingLog    [-DomainController <Fqdn>]    [-End <DateTime>]    [-EventId <String>]    [-InternalMessageId <String>]    [-MessageId <String>]    [-MessageSubject <String>]    [-Recipients <String[]>]    [-Reference <String>]    [-ResultSize <Unlimited>]    [-Sender <String>]    [-Server <ServerIdParameter>]    [-Start <DateTime>]    [-NetworkMessageId <String>]    [-Source <String>]    [-TransportTrafficType <S

Build Up Your Backlinks with Press Releases and Blog Listing Services

How to Build Up Your Backlinks with Press and Blog Listings Whether you have a blog or a website, here are some resources for building up your backlinks to help you get a higher rating on google. Feedspot - Build Backlinks for Your Blogs Anuj Agarwal's list of top information technology blogs. His IT Tech blog shows content from the top IT bloggers worldwide. You can find any manner of tech info in these 40 blogs. blogs/   Get your blogs backlinked in his list of blogs. Market Press Release One free press release per day with the free plan.  These are completely free, as in free with no cost to the poster.  However, you can only post one link, and their sitemap does not include press releases, just top level categories. My own example: http://www.marketpressrelease.

10 Must Have Wordpress Plug-ins

A List of 10 of the Most Important Wordpress Plug-ins Here's a List of the most important plug-ins to make your wordpress site stand out from the crowd 1. SEO Plug-ins 2. Responsive menu Plug-ins

Top 10 Free SEO Audit Tools and SEO Boosters

Our Top 10 Free SEO Tools that Every Website Designer Needs If you are going to build or maintain a website in 2019, you need to audit your SEO periodically, and make sure it's up to today's modern standards. Last year's SEO standards are now obsolete and google has changed things quite a bit. Ok, so we don't have 10 items yet. If you know of some more, please leave a comment below. 1. Nibbler Website Tester SEO Audit, Headings finder, general website auditor. Immediate results, fresh and clean. 2. Ubersuggest Get keyword suggestions from competitor websites, get backlinks. Usually about 3 months out of date, and quite inaccurate at times. Niel Patel has many more free SEO tools on his website.  His website analyzer tool, and ubersuggest will often give you false results in an attempt to sell you on his digital marketing services. A summary of his free advice for digital marketing.   Don'