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How to Integrate ShareASale with Wordpress WP-Members

 How to Use ShareASale to Track New Leads in WP-Members You can track membership requests in WP-Members with ShareASale, treating each new membership signup as a 1.00 transaction.  It's very easy using WP-members registration post data array upon signup.  The first thing to do is to add the header code in your theme's header.php file. That's easy enough. Finally, add the tracking img code into:  class-wp-members-shortcodes.php.  This will activate if you are using shortcodes to signup new members.  Example:  [wpmem_form register]   will show the registration form on your pages.   Finally, you must add the tracking img code into your successful signup page. WP-members will drop into this page  class-wp-members-shortcodes.php in this logic block starting with case in_array( 'register', $atts ):  The key to all of this working is to find the lead-id from  $wpmem->user->post_data['display_name'] and use it as the lead_id in shareasale. Find the line tha

Mike's Piano and Sheet Music Cheatsheet

 For All of Those Who Play a Keyboard Instrument Some of my favourite resources and websites for intermediate piano and keyboard players.  How to play chords, public domain sheet music, and chorded music. 1) Free Public Domain sheet music 2) The major chords on Pinterest 3) Musescore: more sheet music 4) Color My World by James Pankow, a huge hit for Chicago. Fine example of arpegios. 5) The Winner Takes it all, by Abba 6) Music Box Dancer by Frank Mills 7) Carol of the Bells First Measure 8) Star Spangled Banner