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TDI Media Driver Service won't start after upgrade to Version 21.82.2123.0

TDI Media driver service won't start after upgrade to version 21.82.2123.0 This note applies to Shoretel Servers running on Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise. Shoreware TDI Media Driver Service fails to start because of a digital signature issue. Resolution: Install the microsoft patch that adds SHA-2 certificates on new .sys drivers after jan 1, 2016. Or just use the old pre-2016 version of TDIMedia.sys Resolution Your system will require the patches if your server is running Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard or Enterprise. See Advisory 3033929 then download and install the patches as needed, then reboot. for 2008 Server R2 Or for 2008 Server References:

You Get Kicked Out of Encompass When Printing Forms or running MAVENT

Encompass Quits Suddenly When Printing Forms the Second Time Suddenly and without warning the app just quits right after printing a custom form. It usually happens when you print for the second time.   The first time you print the form and show it to your Encompass expert it works fine. Then you try it again after she leaves, then it happens.   The Fix is to edit the windows registry and delete the App Compatibility flags. Another scenario is when you run MAVENT services or pull credit from Informative Research, suddenly Encompass just quits without warning. Fix for Printing when it just quits suddenly or you get kicked off Steps: 1.  open regedit.exe 2.  open key Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers delete the key within this branch. 3. and then open key Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers delete any encompass.exe related keys within this br

Intuit Lacerte 19 Fatal Application Error and Exit [ Fixed with Database Rebuild ]

How to Fix Intuit Lacerte Fatal Application Error and Exit by Rebuilding the Database Introduction Recently, Intuit Lacerte 2019 have shown a propensity to suddenly exiting immediately after startup or when switching between modules.  Furthermore, Lacerte 2019 can become very slow and laggard when switching between clients.  As is the case, often the module's database is fouled and switching to it will immediately crash the application with a pop-up dialog that says "EXITING APPLICATION" See the image below.  It is caused by a software defetc AKA "bug" in the application that is triggered by using the e-file utility.  E-File causes database corruption.  Often there will be left-over URN files in the Lacerte shared drive.  URN files are semaphore files that indicate a user is logged on. There is no need to re-install the application as instructed on the Intuit Pro-Connect community.  The instructions apply to Lacerte 2019, to use with Lacerte 2018, just chan

Ellie Mae Encompass: Error encountered while downloading manifests [how to fix]

Encompass Starts Up and Shows a Dialog box with "Error Encountered While Downloading Manifests Encompass Startup Error This error indicates that the application has not downloaded the correct manifests for your Encompass client ID. It usually means that the client ID is incorrect or has a E following the number. Usually the client ID starts with BE and follows by some numbers. For example:  BE12345678 there are usually 8 digits following the BE, If you are not sure, check with your encompass administrator. Don't try to guess it, or you will end up with an even bigger mess. How to Fix Use the remove-uac application to cleanup and scrub the offending manifests and other artifacts. You can find remove uac in c:\SmartClientCache\Apps\Ellie Mae\Encompass remove-uac Remove-uac dialog box After you run this and cleanup all of the files in this folder. You will see most of the files diasspear. Now you should run the app luancher from:   "C:\SmartClientCach