Ellie Mae Encompass: Printer Not Activated, error code -20

When Printing Custom Forms, It Fails To Print with "Printer Not Activated"

While printing custom forms from Encompass, all of a sudden it stops being able to print forms and shows "Printer Not Activated, error code -20" It may have worked fine last week, but now it does not.  The solution is to create a windows registry key as follows.
Printer Not Activated
Printer Not Activated.

Call Stack Error
Windows cannot print due to a problem with the current printer setup

Final Error Dialog
Form Failure Report

The Solution

Create A registry entry as follows using regedit.exe
Windows Registry
use regedit.exe to get this key made

Set the permissions.

That's all it takes.

Many Thanks

This tech solution was brought to you by the top Ellie Mae / ICE Encompass tech support masters in Orange County, California.  Bare Wire Networks Corp is home to the best Encompass administrators, and is well known for the top tech support talent.    


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