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Encoding PHP array to JSON, how to encode square brackets [] and deep nested JSON

Deeply nested and squared brackets in JSON To make square brackets in JSON, which is basically array in JSON you need to use the  array operator twice, nested. So make it look like this. write some PHP array(array('something'.... $data = json_encode( array ( 'list' => array ( array ( 'commerce_price_aud' => array (.... Here's another example of deeply nested JSON with square brackets. $options = array ( 'name' => 'MySystem' , 'state' => 'INVENTORY' , 'lifeCycleState' => 'INVENTORY' , 'type' => 'My system Type' , 'gateway' => array('serialNumber' => '1234', 'creationDate' => '12345678' ), 'subscription' => array('identifier' => '1234', 'operator' => '12345678' ), 'labels' => array('labege'), 'applica

Can You Disable Caching on CSS style Sheets? A True Hack to Stop Caching.

Can We Prevent CSS Caching? Can we disable Caching of CSS pages? Can we Force a browser to re-read the CSS everytime? Those Are The Questions that broke the internet, combined with the death of Grumpy Cat, whom we could never save, not with the best in veterinary medicine. Nothing can bring her back, not even cloning or cryogenic treatments. As for CSS, we could never prevent caching. If you are a web developer, you need to refresh you pages a lot. Unfortunately, your styles sheets will never change, because your stupid browser, whether it be Chrome, Firefox, internet explorer or Edge will happily save a copy of your old CSS and keep it, and use it to render your pages.   The other unfortunate effect is that the public, i.e. your viewers and customers browsers will hang onto an old version of stylesheet.    Can we solve this? Is there some way to prevent CSS caching? Is there some magical tag that you can add to your HTML to prevent caching? The answer is NO, Grumpy Cat would a

Ellie Mae Encompass - You have files that need to be attached [how to remove them]

Encompass pop up dialog says " You have files that need to be attached" You have files that need to be attached Ellie Mae Encompass, Amurika's greatest home loan automation application. Symptoms for this case include logging into Encompass and getting messages that there are Documents that need to be attached, or the Background Attaching dialog box is backed up and there are consecutive failed conversions. It does not matter how many times you try to attach them to the efolder, they will never get uploaded. It will not help to restart your computer or to clear out the UAC cache.  How to fix:  Select No, and they will be deleted permanently.  Or clear out the files manually, as we describe below... Why does this happen? Because your PDF's are scaled too big. They may exceeed the 11x17 page size limit.  They may have been poorman scanned from an IOS device such as iPhone, where your borrower just took a picture of the document, and then converted it to

Windows Update Hall of Shame

The Windows Update Hall of Shame Occasionally, Windows updates can be really bad and really screw up your computers. Here's my list of the worst offenders.  These are only bad because they really screw up when Sophos Antivirus is installed.  Some of these are showstoppers for Microsoft Exchange. KB4493472 This update can really interfere with Sophos antivirus. See the related story.   If you have Windows 7, or Windows Server 2008, expect real trouble if you allow this one. KB4499164 Once again, more issues caused by an update rollup. Causes Sophos Antivirus protected machines to hang and freeze.    It appears that once again there are conflicts with Sophos and the most recent (MAY) patch Tuesday from Microsoft.   "Its advice on what to do is pretty blunt: uninstall the Windows update. Specificall

Unbricking and Recovering A Western Digital My Book Live World Edition

How to Recover, Rebuild and Unbrick Your Western Digital My Book Live When you Mybook live is just showing red light in front, or the world edition shows just some steady white lights in front, you know it's really bad.  You can open it up, find the J8 solder pads on the board, and then solder on some header pins.  Connect those pins to a Prolific USB to Serial port converter. Just connect Grnd, URX and UTX, and then start it up. The Live edition has an onboard JTAG and UART port. Until now I don't know the pinout of the JTAG so be warned to overwrite data in the NAND. The Pinout of the UART Port "J8" is as follows: (your J8 port may not look like this at all, but it may just look like a 2x2 pin pad with a white square around it. Pin 1 = +3.3V Pin 2 = URX Pin 3 = UTX Pin 4 = GND Warning:  do not connect directly to a serial Port, you will need a ttl level shifter like the "Max233" or "FT232R". Otherwise you risk to break the hardware