You Entered the Wrong Client ID into Encompass and Now It Just Blows Up! - [How to Fix It]

How to Fix A Broken Encompass Smart Client - 404 Not Found

The AppLauncher fails and shows this message:  "Unhandled exception thrown while downloading manifests: the remove server returned an error (404) Not Found."  Well, son, it got that way because you entered the wrong client ID.  Call Forest Lawn, because it's dead, and now you need to bury it.
AppLauncher Failure Due to Incorrect Client ID

How Does This Happen?

While you were installing the Ellie Mae Encompass Smart Client, you entered the wrong client ID, and then it tried to download the configuration from elliemae. Client ID's always start with BE for "Broker Edition" or "Banker Edition".  If you entered the incorrect ID, without the BE prefix, the whole download and configuration process will be completely and permanently screwed up.  It will just blow up and burn with a 404 error. Stick a flower in it, because it's dead.

How Can I Fix This?

You need to remove all Ellie Mae components from your computer using the "Add & Remove" programs menu from the windows control panel, SmartClient, eFolder, and Document Printer - from the "Programs and Features" menu of Control Panel plus you need to remove the SmartClient Cache Folder from C:\SmartClientCache remove the entire folder. Scrub the Windows Registry too.  Remove All Registry (regedit.exe) Entries from: (remove all Ellie Mae Items)
HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\WOW6432Node\Ellie Mae\SmartClient\
C:|SmartClientCache|Apps|Ellie Mae|Encompass|AppLauncher.exe
See the screenshot below. Just delete the entire folder and all of its entries.
Do remove the entire Ellie Mae folder from WOW6432 in the registry.
Then remove the local user's configuration folders:
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Apps\Ellie Mae
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Encompass Installation
Then Remove this folder, and then empty the trash, so it does not come back.

Where is your "Computer Guy" / IT Services Company When You Need Them?

Are you still googling around for solutions to your Ellie Mae Encompass problems?  Are you ready for URLA?  How is your compliance management? How is your underwriting and loan processing operations keeping up with Encompass? Do you still run Encompass on Windows 7 and need to upgrade before January? Did you miss the deadline?  Is your IT Services company not responsive to your needs?  Did they relegate you to an offshore call center?  Grrrr...  Consider hiring true Encompass experts and leave all your software worries to them.  Check out our services that we offer in Southern California and beyond.  Our hourly rates are quite low by industry standards.  In the range of $95 to $125/hour depending upon complexity. Eleven Dimensions Technologies offers onsite support and remote support for Ellie Mae's flagship product.  Call our small business services department at (949)371-5079 if you like the advice that I am providing here, please leave a comment below.

Encompass Registry Settings

See the images below for screenshots of the Encompass registry settings. You need to remove all items to perform a clean sweep of your computer.

This is what the Encompass Registry Settings Look like

Encompass Applications to Remove

Remove All of These Items first


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