Ellie Mae Encompass: Failed to Print to EFolder


Ellie Mae Encompass: Failed to Print to EFolder

One of the more recent mysterious failures of Encompass has been a failure to print to the EFolder.  This is usually caused by an errant Windows Update that bodged the EFolder Printer settings.  When using the EFolder, you will see "StartDocPrinter Error = 63"

EFolder Error
Sometimes you will see this error = 63

Othertimes you will see this error = 63

Other times you will see this error

The correct fix is to change the checkbox to EDCPort

To Find the Encompass EFolder Properties page, you should type "Printers" in the start menu, then open the printers and devices dialog.  Open the "Encompass EFolder", then "printer properties", then Ports. Then change the checkbox to "EDCPort"

Many Thanks

This solution was brought to you by the top Ellie Mae Encompass tech support masters in Orange County California.  Bare Wire Networks Corp employs the best Encompass administrators, and is well known for the top tech support talent.    


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