Monday, December 9, 2019

How to Recover Your Quickbooks Serial Number and Registration Keys

How to Recover Your Quickbooks Serial Numbers and Keys After Reinstalling Windows

Sometimes the dreaded blue screen of death or the dreaded spinning circle of dots happens on your windows 10, or your Windows 7 to Windows 10 upgrade fails miserably and you then need to reinstall a fresh copy of Windows 10.  But then you lost your quickbooks registration data containing your serial number and product ID and Key. Well worry no more because it's easy to get that back.  The trick is to install windows and keep all user data and settings and then when you are done, open explorer and look in this folder:
you are looking for a file called qbregistration.dat

Quickbooks qbregisration.dat file

the contents of this file are XML. You will see the serial number and product key.
You can always copy this entire folder into it's same location on the new windows installation to quickly reactivate your old license.  Or you can just use the numbers that you see here and then re-register.

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