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Configure Remote Desktop Services Licensing on Windows Server 2012

My Cheat Sheet for Installing a Terminal Services License Server

Note: This applies to Windows Server 2012 and Server 2012R2. 

Before you do this, install a few Server Roles:
Remote Desktop Services ( 2 of 6 Installed)
    Remote Desktop Licensing
    Remote Desktop Session Host

Then use the Licescing Wizard to add your licenses in the "Remote Desktop Licensing Manager". Add your CALS and your what not, and Activate your server.  Use a Campus Agreement to activate some fake CALS, almost any 7 digit number starting with 6 will work.

Configuring the License Server on a RD Session Hosts

After the RDS License Server is activated and running, you can reconfigure RD Session Host to obtain licenses from this server. You can select the license type and specify the name of the license server using PowerShell or GPO.
To select the license type to be used, run this command:
$obj = gwmi -namespace "Root/CIMV2/TerminalServices" Win32_TerminalServiceSetting
Then specify the license type you need:
Note. Enter 4 if the server must use Per User licensing type, and 2, if it is Per Device.
Then specify the name of the RDS License Server:
And check the current settings:
When configuring via GPO, you need to create a new GPO and link it to the OU with RDS servers. The licensing settings are located in the following section of the GPO:
Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Admin Templates -> Windows Components -> Remote Desktop Services -> Remote Desktop Session Host -> Licensing
There are 2 policies that we need:
  • Use the specified Remote Desktop license servers – the address of the License Server is set
  • Set the Remote Desktop licensing mode – the licensing method is selected

Here are some Campus Agreements

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