Thursday, January 24, 2019

Magento: Completely Disabling Frontend Customer Registration

Completely Disable Customer Registration on Magento Front End

Russian hackers have found your Magento store, and are registering fake user accounts, and bypassing captcha, and are doing it repeatedly every day. This is annoying the people who are getting spammed by your store.  Despite having CAPTCHA, the Russians have figured out how to automate the registration processing. You can easily disable customer registration, yet still allow the administrator to manually register customers.

I have done all of these other tricks in the admin GUI, however still adding customer/account/create/ to the end of the webstore still persists with a create account page. Any ideas what I can do here? I have a webstore in which we manually create each account, however it appears someone has found the loophole and persists in creating an account. Too many fake Russian and Soviet user accounts keep on being registered on my Magento, and they are using my Magento to SPAM other people.

The best way to disable registration is to use URL rewrite in the CATALOGUE menu, then "URL ReWrite Management" to create a custom rule to disable and redirect the registration page back to the logon page.
Use the Catalog Menu, then URL Rewrite Management

Add a rule just like this

This is what it will look like

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