DNS.exe APPCRASH Event ID 1000 and 1001

Loading DNS zones fails on a Windows Server 2008 R2-based DNS serverDNS service on a windows server 2008 R2 Domain Controller fails with appcrash report.


This DNS service crash may occur if DNS is configured to have a CNAME and an SOA record that both exist for the "@" record. The "@" record identifies the root of a DNS zone. This can frequently be identified in the DNS Manager as a record with the <same as parent folder> name. The SOA and NS records are allowed in this folder. RFC 2181 describes name uniqueness checks for CNAME records. According to RFC 2181, the CNAME may not exist in the <same as parent name> folder ("@") of a zone.


To avoid this issue, identify and remove the "@" CNAME record that's causing the issue from the misconfigured zone before you install update KB3145126. 
For example, you have a dns zone for homeslice.com that contains: 
Name                       Type                   Data
(same as parent folder)    Alias(CNAME)           www.homeslice.com
(same as parent folder)    Start of Authority (SOA)  [38], dc1.homeslicecorp.com
You must remove the first record shown above. It is illegal according to Microsoft KB 3145126
Additionally remove the Windows Updates: KB3145126
This issue occurs after you have either security update 3100465 or hotfix 3022780 installed on a server that's running Windows Server 2008 R2.


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