Saturday, February 29, 2020

TDI Media Driver Service won't start after upgrade to Version 21.82.2123.0

TDI Media driver service won't start after upgrade to version 21.82.2123.0

This note applies to Shoretel Servers running on Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise.

Shoreware TDI Media Driver Service fails to start because of a digital signature issue.
Resolution: Install the microsoft patch that adds SHA-2 certificates on new .sys drivers
after jan 1, 2016. Or just use the old pre-2016 version of TDIMedia.sys

Resolution Your system will require the patches if your server is running Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard or Enterprise.

See Advisory 3033929 then download and install the patches as needed, then reboot.

for 2008 Server R2

Or for 2008 Server


Shoretel Upgrade Process

For shoreware director servers running Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise x64, that have not been updated since 2015.  Shoretel TAC advises not to allow automatic windows updates.
  • Install the SHA-2 patch from KB3033929
  • then install Shoretel 21.82.2123.0 onto Shoretel 19.46.1802.0, this would upgrade your shoretel 14.2 to shoretel connect
  • Then install Firefox
  • Re-install your custom CDR database modifications that you had previously.
  • Import your old CDR records because they were wiped out during the upgrade

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