Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Intuit Lacerte 19 Fatal Application Error and Exit [ Fixed with Database Rebuild ]

How to Fix Intuit Lacerte Fatal Application Error and Exit by Rebuilding the Database


Recently, Intuit Lacerte 2019 have shown a propensity to suddenly exiting immediately after startup or when switching between modules.  Furthermore, Lacerte 2019 can become very slow and laggard when switching between clients.  As is the case, often the module's database is fouled and switching to it will immediately crash the application with a pop-up dialog that says "EXITING APPLICATION" See the image below.  It is caused by a software defetc AKA "bug" in the application that is triggered by using the e-file utility.  E-File causes database corruption.  Often there will be left-over URN files in the Lacerte shared drive.  URN files are semaphore files that indicate a user is logged on. There is no need to re-install the application as instructed on the Intuit Pro-Connect community.  The instructions apply to Lacerte 2019, to use with Lacerte 2018, just change all 19 to 18.   The Fix is to delete the URN files and rebuild the database.

It happens to lacerte 2018

and it happens to 2019

How to Fix with CLPACK

Before doing anything at all to your Lacerte module's database files, you must make a backup of the database.  Use WinRar or Winzip to make an archive of the whole directory.   Furthermore, you need to tell all users to exit from Lacerte.  You will need to use CLPACK rebuild the suspect module's database files. Each module has a database of files. On your server, you will have a folder DRIVE:\Lacerte\19tax\XData where the X is I for individual, P for partnership, C for corporate.  For example you may have:  V:\Lacerte\19tax\IData for your indivivual module's files. Use the Lacerte Database Repair Utility, on a client computer, which is located in c:\Lacerte\19Tax\ and is called 19clpack.exe

Step 1: Find CLPACK in c:\Lacerte\19Tax\  called 19clpack.exe,

Step 2: Run it, by double-click, then fill in the datapath (it may auto-populate)

Step 3: In CLPack, select a tax type that is suspect, then fill in the correct datapath to the database
Step 4: Choose "Reindex/Repair" The press Start, then wait until completion. then press Reindex Calendar
If you see this message: it indicates that other users are logged on, please tell them to Get Out! If you continue to see it even when no more users are logged on, then you will need to delete the URN files.
This Error indicates that URN files are present
To delete them, open the explorer and go to the Lacerte server drive and then into the 19tax directory, then into IDATA, you will find an URN directory. Delete the files within it.  Also find the option19 directory and then find the URN folder and delete it's contents too. Here's an example of what you will find:

Finally, once you remove the URN files, then press the Start button on the database repair utility program. When finished, this is what you will see.

Step 5: Verify that "no Errors detected" appears in the messages, then press the "Reindex Calendar" button.

Optional Step 6:  Reset the Client Grid
This will fix issues with switching betwen modules

Edit the Lacerte 2019 short cut from your local desktop, (right click, then properties)
ADD TO TARGET APP IN SHORTCUT, append CLGRID to the program arguments. Like this:
C:\Lacerte\19tax\w19tax.exe CLGRID
Save it, then double-click on the icon
finally delete all URN files from share drive server folder and
local c:\lacerte folder

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