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Step by Step Procedure for Installing Exchange 2010

How to Install Exchange 2010 on Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

Using Windows Server 2008 R2 X64 - with SP1 joined to a Domain

Roles: Application Server, DNS Server, File Services, Web Server (IIS)
Features: RSAT, Telnet Client, Windows TIFF Filter, .Netframework 3.5.1

In Server Manager, Add Roles for Application Server plus IIS, Plus Dot net 3.5

Install Dot net framework 4.5.1
install ALL Visual Studio VC-REDISTS from 2005 to 2013 x 64 and x86

Do not install SMTP Service!

Turn on TCP Sharing
To enable the Net.TCP Port Sharing Service using MMC

Install 2007 Office System Filter pack from

Using Exchange 2010 install media, choose to install everything but U.C.

Licensing Steps:

Install Service Packs: SP1, SP2 etc...

Install SSL Certificates in IIS

Install every single Visual Studio Redist package (VC Redist) silently and install Dot Net Framework 4.5.1

Install every single Visual Studio Redist package (VC Redist) silently and install Dot Net Framework 4.5.1 silently, install IE11 prerequisites, and then finally install IE11. Download all components from, and save to a folder.  But, first disable UAC!

Open a MSDOS command prompt AKA cmd.exe, then run these commands from a batch job.

color 4f
vcredist_2005SP1_x86.exe /Q
vcredist_2005SP1_x64.exe /Q
vcredist_2008SP1A_x86.exe /q
vcredist_2008SP1A_x64.exe /q
vcredist_2010SP1_x86.exe /passive /norestart
vcredist_2010SP1_x64.exe /passive /norestart
vcredist_2012U4_x86.exe /install /passive /norestart
vcredist_2012U4_x64.exe /install /passive /norestart
vcredist_2013_x86.exe /install /passive /norestart
vcredist_2013_x64.exe /install /passive /norestart
NDP451-KB2858728-x86-x64-AllOS-ENU.exe /norestart /passive 
Windows6.1-KB2533623-x64.msu /quiet /norestart
Windows6.1-KB2670838-x64.msu /quiet /norestart
Windows6.1-KB2729094-v2-x64.msu /quiet /norestart
Windows6.1-KB2731771-x64.msu /quiet /nor…

MSDOS Batch Script to Fetch Day of Week

@echo off

REM Create VBS that will get day of week in same directory as batch
echo wscript.echo WeekdayName(Weekday(Date))>>DayOfWeek.vbs

REM Cycle through output to get day of week i.e monday,tuesday etc
for /f "delims=" %%a in ('cscript /nologo DayOfWeek.vbs') do @set dow=%%a

REM delete vbs
del DayOfWeek.vbs

REM Used for testing outputs days name
echo %dow%

REM Case of the days name is important must have a capital letter at start
REM Check days name and assign value depending
IF %dow%==Monday set downum=0
IF %dow%==Tuesday set downum=1
IF %dow%==Wednesday set downum=2
IF %dow%==Thursday set downum=3
IF %dow%==Friday set downum=4
IF %dow%==Saturday set downum=5
IF %dow%==Sunday set downum=6

REM print the days number 0-mon,1-tue ... 6-sun
echo %downum%

REM set a file name using day of week number
set myfile=%downum%.bak

echo %myfile%


Windows XP Time Sync How to Guide

Windows XP Time Sync Note:

Set the W32Time Parameters

Windows GPO Settings to disable Windows Animations

This kind of stuff is also controlled via the computer properties > advanced > performance > visual effect option. If you set it to best performance, all the stuff you want turned off is turned off. Unfortunately this changes a whole bunch of registry values but if we just narrow down on the stuff you want, there are 2 registry values involved: HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop\UserPreferencesMask This is a reg_binary value. Change this value from 9E 2C 07 80 12 00 00 00 to 9E 2C 07 80 10 00 00 00 . HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\VisualEffects\VisualFxSetting I prefer this value 90 32 07 80 10 00 00 00 The VisualEffects key doesn't exist by default. There are a bunch of value that can be defined under here but the only one that really matters is VisualFxSettings. Set this to 2 to disable a lot of the animations and also to tick "Turn off all unnecessary animations (when possible)" . So if you're willing to do a reg hack on logon life i…