Shoretel Director - Locked Out Until Full License Compliance Has Been Restored. Get Back In!

Suddenly Without Warning You Are Locked Out of Shoretel Director

You or your phone system administrator has made a change that violated your licensing, such as added softphones or granted some user Workgroup Supervisor roles. And 45 days went by and nobody noticed the red warning banner. Now you are locked out for good.  That's real cute, thanks guys. You need to call Shoretel TAC to unlock it. You may even need to call your "partner" Grrrr....  Unfortunately, the only fix is to add more licences to come into compliance again.  Furthermore, you may have to pay for another compliance token.  Fortunately, there IS another way to weasel your way back into Shoretel Director so you can comply with the licencing.  Our method of weaseling back in is to edit the MainFrame.asp front end director landing page.  First step is to use RDP to logon to the console of your HQ server.  In this excercise, we will show you how to do this with Shoretel 14.2 (build 19.82)  This method will work with Shoretel versions below 15.  With newer versions of Shoretel Connect and Mitel Connect, the method is similar but the ASP files are long gone, and you will have to edit the NGINX files instead. Come back later and we will figure that out too.
Locked Out of Shoretel Director

To unlock it, you need to find the shoretel director landing page html file.
Find and edit the landing page
Now you need to edit the MainFrame.asp code to comment out the locking section
Comment Out these lines and save the file
Edit the page and save the changes. Now open Director in Internet Explorer and you will find that you are able to make changes to the configuration again.

Once you are in compliance again, undo the changes to MainFrame.asp.

Update for Mitel Connect Versions 21.82, and 21.87 and Beyond

The next generation of Shoretel (21.82) and Mitel (21.87) Connect are completely new and re-engineered around a new NGINX and "Ruby on Rails" web framework.  The Ruby back-end code indicates the presence of many backdoor, testing and development hacks that were left behind.  In my opinion the entire web framework is a hack. It is a hacked-up mess of Ruby, mysql, and web technologies.  The license_helper.rb file is a particularly interesting ruby module that could be the key to unlocking locked up servers.

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  1. This is awesome, but we're on the newer version with Mitel. Any updated blog for editing the NGNIX files?

    1. Can you tell me your version number please?

    2. Unfortunately, none of my Mitel Connect servers have been locked out, so I have not been able to see it in action to develop a remedy. If you know of one please send me a private message so I can share a screen with you. -- mike

    3. I'm on version 21.90.9743.0. Is there a way to edit the users via mySQL to disable mobility licenses to get us back into compliance?


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