Saturday, December 21, 2019

Encompass: Object has been Deleted while printing custom forms

Encompass: An Error Occurred. Please Contact the Administrator with the following Edition: Object has been Deleted

Software: Encompass Banker Edition

Symptom: When attempting to print from Encompass receive an error: Com object with CLSID
{68B34268-7559-11D3-BBE5D53DCBD65107} is either not valid or not registered.

Sympton: When trying to print/preview custom discslosure documents, you get a message that
says the "object does not exist" or "object not found"

Cause: The Encompass Printer has either become uninstalled or corrupted.

Resolution: Reinstall the Encompass printer using one of the following links:

Preferred Method for Windows 7:

Encompass Custom Edition SR 1 (.NET 2.0) and above:

Encompass Custom Edtion Pre SR 1 (.Net 1.1):


unzip the PDFCOnverter then run the installer application install.exe
thats all folks

Verify Functionality:

PipeLine Tab
Stage 5, then find a loan, open it.
Print Button on right side of screen
Custom Forms Tab
Remove 2010 GFE Page 1,2,3
Select "Doc Order Request - Lender Paid" and "Doc Order Request - Borrower Paid" forms
Press Preview Button

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