Friday, August 2, 2019

Scam the Scammer Back

How to Have Fun with Phone Scammers

Fake Social Security Number 

Generate a new social security number for the scammers give it a year of birth and an originating state, and get a random US tax id.
Dmc701 tim brown tb1602 arrest warrent number: 47mls215

Fake Credit Card Numbers

When the credit card scammers call you and ask for your Visa/MasterCard or AMEX card number, give them something that they can use.  Graham King has a list of valid numbers here  you just need to make up a CVV and expiration date.  For extra fun, generate fake numbers and cvvs.

Fake Name Generator

Generate fake names and credit card numbers Generate culturaly correct fake personas here   or   Call you scammers back and have fun with them.

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