Thursday, May 23, 2019

Ellie Mae Encompass - You have files that need to be attached [how to remove them]

Encompass pop up dialog says "You have files that need to be attached"

You have files that need to be attached

Ellie Mae Encompass, Amurika's greatest home loan automation application.

Symptoms for this case include logging into Encompass and getting messages that there are Documents that need to be attached, or the Background Attaching dialog box is backed up and there are consecutive failed conversions. It does not matter how many times you try to attach them to the efolder, they will never get uploaded. It will not help to restart your computer or to clear out the UAC cache. 

How to fix:  Select No, and they will be deleted permanently.  Or clear out the files manually, as we describe below...

Why does this happen? Because your PDF's are scaled too big. They may exceeed the 11x17 page size limit.  They may have been poorman scanned from an IOS device such as iPhone, where your borrower just took a picture of the document, and then converted it to a PDF and then sent it to you. The resulting PDF would be scaled according to the focal distance. Best way to find out is to see the document properties from Adobe Acrobat and check the Page Size.

How to fix: You cannot force the attachments, instead you must remove them, scale them down using the Encompass virtual printer, and then reattach them. Here's how. Open Encompass, then open your loan, then click on eFolder icon on the upper right.  Then open the document that you want to upload with Adobe Acrobat, then Print the document, choose Encompass EFolder as the virtual printer. Encompass will open up or ask you to logon again.  Before doing this open the loan in question, then open its efolder.  Our advice is to get a trial copy of Adobe Acrobat DC, and then extend your trial indefinitely using your handy Adobe DC trial extension trick.  Curiously enough, Ellie Mae tech support say that Adobe Reader, the free version should be installed on your desktop and be the default PDF reader.

Close Encompass and delete the following folders found at this file path: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Encompass

(Replace username with currently logged in user's Windows profile name)


(replace users with currently logged in user)

Restart Encompass, folder will auto generate, and queue for Background Attaching dialog box will be empty.

Article#: 000010878 Document Conversion Troubleshooting

Reasons Document Conversion can fail
1. Temp folder where conversion takes place is backed up
2. File to be uploaded includes oversized page sizes (11x17 inch limitation)
3. Low memory
Reasons Document Upload can fail
1. Temp folder where upload takes place is backed up
2. File is corrupted or contains security protection or authentication

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