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Apple PlainTalk Microphone Adapter

Apple PlainTalk Microphone Adapter

by JM Talbert2 / November 12, 2009 4:00 AM PST
The PlainTalk Microphone has an elongated mini TRS plug and an enclosed Mono Mic Preamp.

Tip (White) is the power supply for the enclosed preamp. 5v to 9v seems to work.
Ring (Black) is the line-level output from the preamp.
Sleeve (Shield) is Ground

Use a 9 volt battery, a Stereo 1/4" Jack for the line out, and an enclosure. Cut off and toss the elongated mini TRS.

Make the following Connections:

1. Black from the PlainTalk to 1/4" Tip.
2. White from the PlainTalk to + side of 9volt battery
3. Shield Ground Wire from the PlainTalk to 1/4" Sleeve.
4. Negative side of 9 volt battery to 1/4" Ring. When a Mono Phone plug is inserted into the 1/4" Jack the Ring will connect to the Sleeve completing the circuit with the battery.

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