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Camtasia Studio Evaluation Extension Hack

Don't you hate it when you need to record screens and you find that your Camtasia Studio 8 screen capture tool has expired.  Grant yourself another 30 days by using this old registry hack.  Applies to Camtasia Studio 8, Tested with CS 8.5.  We wrote a great blog entry about how to do this on our main website.  Happy Hacking! Start Menu --> Run --> regedit.exe Go to    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE ------>  SOFTWARE ------- >Classes ------- > dromjmfile The "dromjmfile" contains a REG_SZ value such as 7e5d0812 Delete the "dromjmfile" key. Make new empty " dromjmfile" key. Start camtasia Studio. This is what you will see if you have done it right The dromjfile registry key.  must be empty to start 30 day trial If you want to use Camtasia Studio 9, our Islamic friend "Jihadi Johnson" has shared some registry info: Copy the code. [RegistrationInfo] ValidationData3=1 RegistrationKey=BBCUVUVDRCM8C5SCHMX72M3A5 RegisteredTo=